Wine House & History

The guest books of the Hotel Messerschmitt contain entries from presidents and chancellors of Germany, members of the aristocracy from around the world, princes of the church as well as notables and VIPs from both past and present.

And if one continues to leaf back through the pages, one discovers that in 1832 wine was already being served in the Messerschmitt Hotel. As the legend goes, a shipsman from the Messerschmitt family working on the river Main brought a cask of wine back from his travels. He sold the wine from the cask glass by glass – and thus the Messerschmitt Wine House was born. The history of the building between the ‘Langgasser Gates’ can be traced back to 1422.

Since 1832, the hotel, the childhood home of the pioneer of aircraft design and manufacture, Professor Willy Messerschmitt, has been in the hands of the family and has become one of Bamberg’s institutions. From 1955 to 2005 family successors Otto and Lydia Pschorn continued the wine house tradition, and now their daughter Ursula Medenwald has taken charge to continue the tradition into the sixth generation.

Experience and be enchanted by the pleasant atmosphere, conviviality and hospitality of our old wine house, full of patina, soul and tradition, complemented by modern amenities and comforts.